The Club: Ladies love it!

The Club: Ladies love it

Maria started to leave, then stopped and said, “There are still a few things for you to learn about the club, Roger. I’ve just thought of a couple more.

“There is an unstated code of how the cinema is laid out and used by club members. I’ve already mentioned how the men hang around at the back and take up the first two rows of seats; rows one and two. Women never choose to sit in those rows.

“Rows ten, eleven and twelve at the front, you know about; and eight and nine are where women go who would prefer to be approached by women. This is not exclusively so, but it is what generally happens and it works very well. Veronica and I often sit in them when we are simply horny for some girl time.

“Rows four and five are known as Shy Way One and Shy Way Two. They get their name from the fact that this is where the shy men sit. It is interesting how many men are nervous about approaching women and so this is where they sit. Some of them might be self conscious of their bodies, their weight for instance or think their penis is too small. And some men might just prefer to be dominated.

“These rows are more popular with woman than one might think.

“The men sit in every other seat, where possible, leaving an empty seat on either side. A woman will cast her eye over the line-up and then go and sit beside the man of her choice and immediately open his fly if it isn’t already open, and fondle him. She then either gets him off with her hand or mouth or sits on his cock and rides him. Neighbouring men will often join the couple, opening her bra and baring her breasts and groping her.

“For the woman in a hurry, it certainly beats waiting to be approached.

“Rows six and seven are multi purpose where anyone can approach anyone else. This is probably where the bulk of interactions take place.

“This brings me to the row some members call the Jungle, row three. You probably thought I’d missed it. Firstly, there is a walkway between row three and four, just as there is between rows nine and ten.”

Roger took a deep breath, “My goodness, Maria. This is all fascinating information and it would take anthropologists years to document this level of detail while studying primitive peoples. But I’m interrupting, just as you sound as though you’re getting to the good bit. Tell me about row three, Maria”

“I will paint you picture, Roger. “I mentioned earlier that a number of a particular kind of women members looked down on the Home Deliveries booths. We might say that they are generally the wealthier and can I say, snobbier ones.

“We’ll call them ladies, I’m sure they would like that. Anyway, imagine a couple of these ladies meeting for lunch and then wandering off to shop at designer shops and exclusive boutiques or visit their hairdresser. Later they pop home to their large houses with their shopping to hang it in her already extensively stocked walk-in wardrobe.

“The woman then removes her one-off designer clothes and showers and puts on a pleasant relatively inexpensive off-the-shelf outfit and drives back to her friends place. There they enjoy an hour or two of sitting beside the pool, nibbling hors d’oeuvres and drinking champagne.

“At around 3.30 they drive to the club in search of that little something they feel they need, to finish off the day. A bit of fun before dinner, telling each other that a girl needs a little fun, that something that they consider is missing in their life.”

Roger found Maria’s story wonderful, something he could never have written. It was a woman’s point of view and he was loving it.

“The two happy ladies, thin and elegant in their light floral frocks and fancy frilly topped light coloured stockings and absurdly high-heeled sandals, enter the cinema hand in hand and then, after parading up and down the aisle like models on a cat-walk in a way that couldn’t fail to get them noticed, they settle in seats two and three in row three. The Jungle row.

“One could probably hear the murmur of mens voices and feel the excitement in the air. Maria looked at Roger and smiled, “Finding this yarn a bit of a turn-on Roger? I admit that I do.”

“You bet I am Maria, so please don’t stop.”

Maria put her hand out and gently touched the lump in Roger’s trousers and smiled her angelic smile.

“I think I better shorten the story, Roger.

“It is only moments before a hoard of males move in on the ladies. Very soon, their clothes have been removed and they are kneeling on their seats, minus their cheap skimpy underwear and with four men standing in the walkway taking turns with the rear ends of each of the women. The cock hungry ladies suck the juices from a half a dozen men facing them from behind their seats in row two who are happily groping the women’s breasts while the ladies are swallowing their cum with great delight.

“Then two men will wriggle in under the women and the ladies will lower themselves onto stiff cocks while a man behind places his cock in the same stretched cunt or in between the cheeks of their elegant ladylike derrieres, looking for that other welcoming spot. Everything is performed in such a ladylike manner. Even their screams are ladylike, Roger.”

Roger and Maria came together spontaneously, fucking like it was their first time.

“I’m happy to be your elegant lady bitch anytime, Roger. We don’t need the Jungle. And I hope you will you have enough left to fuck my derriere, darling man? I would so enjoy that.”

When the two stopped and laid back, happy and satisfied, Maria finished her story.

“So the ladies who decry the Home Deliveries as lower class dogging, do in fact go dogging themselves, only in a slightly different way. But then, each to their own, I say.”

Roger and Maria held each other close and caressed each other’s bodies.

“I love making love with you Roger. Make love to me and Veronica together, soon please. I’m sure you will enjoy a threesome. I know we would.”

Roger laughed and slapped Maria lovingly on her rear.

“How could a man refuse two such elegant ladies.”

“I think I should go to the kitchen and make us a sandwich, Roger. You’ve made me hungry.”

The Club: The ladies love it! – from the Eros Trilogy book 3 – MOUNT EROS. Also available as an Eros Excerpt.

The Club: Ladies love it! Richard Lee Publishing. Kindle Edition.