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“Look Jamie, look! Baby lambs everywhere!” Jamie glanced up from his device long enough to look out of the car window. The landscape was bright green even though the country was in a severe drought. Then he saw the tell-tale black mini water-wheels, signalling that they were passing through an irrigation area. Still pumping scarce..

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Young Love

“Sheila is coming over tomorrow. We are going to see some friends of hers, then we’re heading on over to a house in Wauchope that she’s thinking of buying. “Colin is bringing over the stock we bought on Thursday so you will need to be here to help him unload. Keep them in the yard..

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jack and The Wheel - “Find Jack and he’ll have what you want,” said Andy Gorrie, stooped and peering through the open car window. William thanked him for the map and Olive for the tea, then eased the panel van gently forward, reminding himself of the trailer behind. As he drove through the gate, he..

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