Tag: Violence

With Time to Kill

For those who might think I died a long time ago, well, here is proof. I hadn't seen this small art movie in which I was one of a dozen crims killed by two rogue detectives. Shot in 1985, I've only just been given a copy. Pretty gruesome movie. This is only a clip about..

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Animal Instinct

Animal Instinct Kevin mentioned the newcomer to Jake one day. It was a quiet moment around mid-morning and the big concrete and corrugated iron Co-op building was empty but for the two of them. Sos Semple had been working in the little coastal town for six weeks before anyone knew he was there. This was..

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When Paul found the boxing tent he couldn’t have been more surprised. A large sign announced that the celebrity middleweight Fritz Holland, from America, would be the star performer and that a purse of ten pounds was offered to anyone who could last a full three rounds with the great man. Paul had seen his..

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