Tag: Love and Loving In Humans

What do we mean by love and loving in humans? Yes, love between human beings can be different things to different people. It can also be different things within the idea of love itself. Companionship, intimacy, sexuality, fraternity, filial love, and much more. The possible combinations are almost endless.

The novels in the Eros Crescent series are about love. They set out to provide a window on women loving women. Love within and outside of an existing heterosexual relationship are explored and deal with the issues that arise when a man’s love might just not be enough.

Meet the delightful Rosa Bennett’s network of women friends and lovers. Rosa is happy to share them all both with her husband, and with her other lovers.

Discover too, the secrets of the special trigger word Fifi Rosa uses in their lovemaking.and the erotic instructions that accompany it, that she devised to prompt her husband Bertie, a very fit and virile man but who is suffering memory loss.

This story is a gentle and erotic fantasy rampage. It is a titillating story of sensual love and lust – often featured in unique and unexpected settings – and innocently enjoyed by all.