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Akira with Coco and Nico

Akira with Coco and Nico excerpt from Mount Eros, the third title in the Eros Crescent series by Richard Lee.  “I’ve invited a couple of old school friends, Coco and Nico, around for dinner tomorrow night, Caroline.” Miranda and Caroline were lying in bed on a bleak rainy London Saturday morning. Caroline was staying at Jackie..

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The Fifi Code

The FIFI CODE ________________________________________________________________ The FIFI CODE is the first book in the Eros Crescent trilogy. It is a novel about love. It provides a window on women loving women both within and outside of an existing heterosexual relationship and when a man’s love might just not be enough. Meet the residents of Eros Crescent..

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Alice & Morning Glory

From Morning Glory in THE FIFI CODE by Richard Lee. With Rosa gone, I had an instinctive feeling that I should take responsibility for Bertie. Though he was intelligent, strong and a very self-sufficient seventy-year-old, he had in recent years developed what seemed like a mild case of short-term memory loss, which most people would..

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