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Richard Lee’s books on Amazon as paperbacks or as Kindle ebooks. Here you will find Australian Short Stories and all of the Eros Crescent series and the Eros Crescent Excerpts.

Experience and attitude are important for telling an erotic yarn but the most important element is imagination. Situations provide exciting backdrops to sensual interactions by evoking anticipation, but we should remember the simple things such as the excitement of that first kiss or a hand brushing a cheek.

Roger was surprised to discover the location of The Club, a new female friendly venue that originated in the old and shabby blue movie cinemas of New York, London, Berlin and Amsterdam. It was only a short walk from his own house. He’d never suspected that it was there.

Roger met Maria in the car park, a large flattened expanse of land that lay at the foot of the mount stretching behind numbers thirteen and eleven Eros Crescent.

Marie looked extraordinary. She was not wearing her usual black skirt and top.  Instead, she wore a short red miniskirt and a light cream coloured blouse with a frilly low neckline. Her bright red lipstick and her red high heels and white stockings pushed her appearance over the top. She took his hand and looked into Roger’s eyes.

“Sorry about this outfit Roger, but it is the second Tuesday of the month and it’s when Veronica and I meet two older lesbian ladies who we both work for. They are super rich and live in big houses next door to each other in Vaucluse. They love to come here once a month and have us together. They want us to look as slutty as we can make ourselves without getting arrested.

Interestingly, of the things that some women regret not doing in their younger days, dressing as sluts is one of them. They will never admit it. If you sat close by and watched, you would be amazed at how many women approach us when we look like this. Far more interest from women than men.”

Morning Glory

The Fifi Code - Chapter One: Morning Glory Living at the Bennetts’ house in Eros Crescent was wonderful. Rosa and Albert Bennett were so friendly and loving, and the house, set in a beautiful garden, was filled with their stuff, accumulated over a long and happy life together. I wasn’t actually sleeping in the house;..

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Akira with Coco and Nico

Akira with Coco and Nico excerpt from Mount Eros, the third title in the Eros Crescent series by Richard Lee.  “I’ve invited a couple of old school friends, Coco and Nico, around for dinner tomorrow night, Caroline.” Miranda and Caroline were lying in bed on a bleak rainy London Saturday morning. Caroline was staying at Jackie..

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Jessica: Swinging by a different name

Jessica was offered employment to work at a function organised by a friend of Robyn’s. This was pitched as a street party but only for grown ups. Its real purpose was not in doubt; men and women getting together. Swinging by a different name. This was the third of Robyn’s close friend Ursula’s monthly get..

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