Jessica: Swinging by a different name

Jessica: A young woman's journey.

Jessica was offered employment to work at a function organised by a friend of Robyn’s. This was pitched as a street party but only for grown ups. Its real purpose was not in doubt; men and women getting together. Swinging by a different name.

This was the third of Robyn’s close friend Ursula’s monthly get togethers and with word of what was offered spreading fast, it was now drawing in people from other genteel suburbs close by.

Jessica came to the house early as suggested, and introduce herself to Ursula who welcomed her with the full up and down visual inspection. Ursula smiled her approval with what she saw. Jessica immediately saw that Ursula fitted the same mould as Robyn; a voluptuous older woman with what Jessica suspected was a suspiciously similar sexual appetite.

As instructed, Jessica had dressed conservatively, wearing black slacks, a white polar-necked skivvy and low heeled black shoes. Her hair was tied up in a bun. She had been told on the phone that in no way was she to compete with the party-goers. If Jess had dressed in the clothes that she usually wore when she strutted her stuff at parties, then she would have been seen as obvious competition to the female guests and indeed, a major distraction. 

“Robyn said you were intelligent and looked good and suggested you would be the right person to be my eyes and ears and general help. From what I’m seeing, it looks as though she was right. 

“I’m sure you will understand, darling, when I say that you should not tempt our visitors from either the partner they arrive with or the person they are hoping to connect with. Not that you aren’t allowed to enjoy yourself. Just maybe fill your own needs later in the evening with a little something on the side although nothing that would attract too much attention.”

“I have quite a lot of experience, Ursula and I can assure you that my desires are well controlled,” Jessica replied with a reassuring smile.

“Now I’ve made this pin for you Jessica. I suggest you wear it to officially inform people of your status and also to help avoid unwanted advances.”

Ursula leant forward and gently pinned the label on Jessica’s chest. It read: Jessica: Information and Party Advice. 

Jessica bathed Ursula with her most disarming smile.

Ursula smiled back.

“Make yourself known to the head waitress. Her name is Inala and I’ve told her about you. I hope you enjoy yourself. If your presence tonight works for both of us, Jessica, then I will be looking to employ you on a regular basis.

“Oh yes! There is one more thing you should know. I’ve implemented a second feature to the evenings entertainment which not many people will discover but which I think will become popular over time. I call it The Dunking Paddock and it’s basically a private dogging venue situated out in the little paddock which can be reached via a gate in the back wall at the far end of the garden. 

“It is free to members but will also be available as a stand alone event sometime soon. Men attending on their own will pay to enter. Women will be admitted free but for safety’s sake they need to be accompanied by a male partner; a husband, brother or whatever.

“Not sure yet how it will go. You could keep an eye out and let me know what you think. Ultimately it will be up to the ladies whether or not it will work. If they like it then we’ll keep it going.”

Ursula smiled and suggested Jessica wander about and familiarise herself with the house.

“The lights are dimmed throughout the house. There are many rooms and nooks and cranny’s which you will discover.

“One last thing that I should mention. There is one very large room on the ground floor where I’ve taken out the wall between two bedrooms. We call this The Pink room because it is lit with a subdued pink lighting. The floor is covered in mattresses, pillows and cushions and it is the place where most find their way to eventually and where they can offer themselves to all. An open market, so to speak.

“I’ve given you a tiny bedroom at the top of the stairs where you can put your bag and coat or just get a moment to yourself. Here is the key. First door on the left. Oh yes. I’ve put a small pocket torch on the bed which you may wish to carry for emergency use. Have fun darling. I’ll hopefully be very busy so any questions you have should be made to Inala and not to me.”

Jessica thanked Ursula and picked up her bag and headed up the wide staircase. She deposited her things on the bed in her room and thought what a great little hideaway it was. The little torch seemed like a good idea so she popped into her pocket.

Just as she was about to leave, Jessica remembered something and went back to her bag. She had bought herself a present on-line. Jessica smiled and gently fondled it. She decided to wear it tonight, just to get used to the feel of having it there. A little lubricant helped and suddenly she was in charge of the new toy and thinking how big it felt but then she assumed she would soon adjust to it. 

A pink ribbon belt fell out of the box and Jessica stared at it, wondering what it was for. Then she looked at the instruction leaflet and smiled then wrapped the ribbon around herself and tightened it. Now she could see why it was a good idea. It held everything tight against her belly and made the new thingy practically invisible inside her panties and slacks.


Wandering about the house looking in all of the rooms and noticing the hidden alcoves was exciting. A narrow back stairway lead to what must have once been servants quarters. Doors led to tiny rooms each housing a single bed with hardly room to move.

In the fading light, she inspected the garden and even ventured into The Dunking Paddock which boasted a number of solid double bed-like wooden bases spread about, each topped with a soft straw-filled palliasse.

When she felt she had a reasonable mental picture of the property in her head, Jessica went back to where she could observe the large room and main reception area, peering between the steps of the wide open staircase. Then she ventured out and found a deep arm chair to bury herself in, just near where the stairs began and alongside the entrance to the ground floor passageway.

Observing people arriving and reading their body language was most enjoyable, as was assessing people by their looks. Jessica looked forward to listening in to their conversations where possible. The whole idea excited her. This was her night to be the absolute voyeur.

A few people had already been shown through to the big lounge room.

One couple had seated themselves on one of the three large settees and were holding hands and looking both at each other and towards the door, watching to see others arriving.

Then a party of three arrived. Jessica figured that the two largish women were probably sisters in their mid forties and the man would have been a husband of one of them or perhaps an older brother or maybe just a friend.

Big smiles on big ladies and eager looks of anticipation radiated around the room as the group moved to take a seat on a settee. After they had sunk into the soft cushions, both women instinctively moved their hands to pull down the hems of their short skirts over their chubby legs to try to give a sense of modesty, not that it made a lot of difference. Their heavy stockinged legs and tight strappy high heels along with their exaggerated make-up signalled they were dressed for an evening of fun.

Jessica realised that she was already loving this job. Watching people prepare for a night of sexual adventure was truly exciting.

The first couple she had noticed suddenly decided to move and rose and headed towards the settee close to Jessica but as they were about to sit down, the man turned and looked towards the door and Jessica heard him speak.

“They’re here darling. Look! I said they’d come.”

His partner stopped staring across at Jessica and looked back to the main door.

“Oh yes, Arnold. They did come. I’m so pleased to see them. I just hope they remember us and are pleased to see us.”

Arnold waved across the room and Jessica saw a man and woman waving back and moving slowly across to join the first couple.

“Well Megan. Happy now? I know how much you enjoyed Ray.”

The lovely lady’s face took on the perfect blush and she looked at Arnold with a kindly knowing smile. Then, without any indication to her man, she looked quickly past him across at the nearby Jessica and beamed a beautiful smile.

“And I believe you enjoyed his lovely wife just as much, darling. I just hope they remember us as fondly. From my memory, Susannah was blown away when you took her up against the wall.”

Arnold laughed.

“As I remember it, you both came at about the same time. Ray nailed you against the same wall and it all took off from there.”

Jessica was wildly excited by what she was hearing. On top of that, she was instantly in love with the lithe wifey Megan, staring at her in her floral dress and seamed stockings and modest heels. Jessica suddenly found herself wanting to lie on top of Megan and do loving things with her beautiful and seemingly innocent body.

“Maybe those American TV shows depicting attractive bored housewives were really true to life after all?” Jessica mused.

As the newly arrived couple came closer, Jessica noticed certain similarities. Both women were tall and lithe and both stood a half head higher than their husbands. The men were stocky and likely quite muscular.

“Hi, Arnold and Megan. So glad you are here. Susannah was terrified you wouldn’t show up. I assured her that you seemed to have as good a time as us when we first met so you were sure to be here.”

Jessica was now in love with all four. Susannah in a plain summer frock and stockings and heels was almost identical to the lovely Megan. And Jess could have willingly allowed either or both of the two jolly men to pin her against a wall and do what ever they wanted.

There was an awkward moment of silence as the two couples continued smiling at each other, neither pair sure of what to say or do next. Jessica noticed the excitement shining through the blushes on both womens faces and she tried to live their anticipation.

Then Susannah reached across and took Megan’s hand and Jessica saw Megan squeeze the other’s hand signifying a common purpose. Then in a little voice, Megan spoke.

“We both liked what we did last time and would happily do it again if that is okay with you boys? And, I should ask, if you are both still okay with us gals getting poked by other men later? And we so loved seeing you with other women didn’t we Susannah?”

Susanna grinned. “Oh yes. Especially towards the end when that very big lady made you both fuck her, and then suggested you both try to fuck her at the same time. Megan and I were both quietly cheering you on. It was so hot.”

Arnold and Raymond exchanged glances, silently indicating that a repeat of last time was exactly what they wanted. Then each took the hand of their partner and placed it in the hand of the other man.

Jessica saw the smiles widen on the faces of the two ladies as they saw that it was all about to happen and she knew exactly what they were feeling. In fact, at that moment Jessica felt the exact same excitement and noticed that the crotch of her panties were suddenly feeling moist despite the presence of her new toy. 

As the two happy couples turned towards the staircase, it was all Jessica could do to not get up and follow them.

“Oh my god! This job might be too exciting. I will need to be a little more careful about how close I get to peoples fantasies.”

Jessica looked back to where the couples were just disappearing at the top of the stair and she thought how, in only a few moments, Arnold and Raymond will have the panties off Susannah and Megan and be happily climbing under those summer frocks and in between the girls beautiful thighs and shafting the two of them against a lucky upstairs wall. Bliss!

It was good that the four lovers had gone. Now Jessica could get back to work and concentrate on what was happening in the large lounge. The big ladies had disappeared although the male member of the group was still near the sofa in conversation with two men. 

Jessica scolded herself for not being more observant and chastised herself severely. Then she saw the big ladies emerge from the door that led to the bathroom and walk over to the settee. The two men turned and each held out a hand then led the women away along the corridor beside the stairs, heading no doubt, to one of the many bedrooms.

Things were definitely getting busier and Jessica realised that she wouldn’t be able to scrutinise all of the people to the same degree that she had so far.


Couples wandered everywhere. Quite a number were women in pairs but most comprised a man and one or sometimes, two woman.

Jessica saw a group of three men in their late thirties or early forties, checking out the women spread around the lounge. They seemed to be targeting women on their own or at least those without a male partner. The men would approach a woman and after a few moments Jessica would see a woman nodding her head indicating a negative response and the men would move away. They were seemingly being knocked back by every woman they approached and Jessica tried to guess what the men were proposing.

As Jessica scanned the crowd, she noticed that the three men were heading towards a tiny woman who had caught Jessica’s attention earlier. It wasn’t just her diminutive size that was interesting. The woman was dressed in a most sexually provocative manner, much more sexually overt than anyone else in the room. She wore a low cut red top and a very short and tight red miniskirt. Her shapely legs were sheathed in white stay-up stockings topped with frills and her strappy red sandals could not have had higher heels.

There was something else about this little lady. She seemed very active, or was she agitated? She stood up and sat down constantly and fiddled with the hem of her short mini skirt and sometimes lifted a leg and removed a high stiletto shoe and inspected it and then immediately refitted it to her tiny foot.

Jessica wondered if the woman was okay. Maybe she was exhibiting signs of the the affects of an illicit substance? Jessica couldn’t be sure.

Just as Jessica thought she should wander over and see if help was needed, the three men approached and began a conversation with the tiny sexy looking woman. It was only moments before Jessica saw the woman nodding in agreement. Then she took hold of two of the mens hands and let them lead her down the passage beside the stairs.

Jessica knew enough to guess what was being offered by the men and she wondered if the little lady had any inkling of what she was in for. If she didn’t then her first gang bang was likely to be a shock but Jessica reasoned that maybe this was what the woman was desperately wanting; and who was Jessica to assume otherwise or pass judgement. 

At least there was a modicum of care in selecting who was admitted to this event and hopefully there would be a level of civility among the three men so that their sexual encounter would be satisfying to all parties. Jessica prayed that this would be so. 


Things were moving faster. Not only that, a number of the increasingly large throng now overflowing the lounge were showing early signs of losing their inhibitions as a result of simply drinking a glass or two of Champagne or simply being carried along with the euphoria of anticipation. This was manifesting itself in a sudden increase in touching and feeling of bodies by both sexes.

Respectable looking women had hands pressed up against the bulging fronts of mens trousers even as they remained holding hands with the man they had arrived with. One woman had already unzipped her suitor and was gently massaging his potent looking hard-on.

More often than not, the man whose crotch a woman had her hand on, had a hand not just on the woman’s backsides but even under her skirt or dress, inadvertently displaying an elegant silk clad leg or even the woman’s skimpy-panty clad backside and which she might wriggle provocatively in anticipation.

Jessica watched as two such women smiled as each handed their partner over to the other. Then the newly connected couples smiled and one or the other would lead the way towards the stairway, hands gently groping each other as they went.

Across the room, more people were arriving. 

Of interest was the older Japanese man accompanied by three younger women. Two of the women could easily have been sisters and looked to be of Caribbean extraction. They looked extraordinarily beautiful from where Jessica was sitting.

The third woman looked to be part Japanese and was also stunningly attractive in a different sort of way. She was petite and her cropped spiked orange and green hair made her the centre of attention, in particular the attention of many of the women in the room.

More people were partnering and setting off to discover secluded spots in the house where they could give vent to their lust.

Twice, Jessica watched as an older woman was led away by two younger men. She also noticed a well built swarthy man with a shiny bald head being led away by two women who acted both nervous and excited. They kissed every few moments, maybe to reassure each other on their choice of action. Each took turns in grasping the sizeable bulge in the mans trousers even while their faces showed red with embarrassment. Tales of the potency of bald men were obviously alive and well.

Jessica couldn’t resist exploring her voyeur instincts more thoroughly and decided to follow the crowd even though she was the only one without a partner. She began by taking a stroll along the dimly lit passageway and discovered that what some folk were doing could be both funny or erotic or both.


“Is that you Henry? I’ve left my glasses in my bag and you know I’m lost without them when I’m in a dark space. It doesn’t feel like you but whoever it is, it does feel nice. If you’re not Henry, perhaps you should tell me your name if you are intending to get intimate with me. Even if I cannot see you properly at least I’ll know who I was with. And while I’m thinking about it, where are we going?” 

There was silence, then a woman’s voice close by answered. 

“I think you’ve got my George, Sheila, and I’m pretty sure that what I’ve got in my hand belongs to your Henry. Is it okay if he knobs me darling? George will give you a good go, I’m sure. A couple of drinks and he usually wants it doggy style. And he’ll go forever. Just thought you should know. I’m sure you will love it.”

There was silence for a moment as Sheila reviewed her situation.

“Well Harriet. If we both enjoy being knobbed by each others, I suppose it could be something we can do at home. Would you be up for it? Sending them over on a Sunday afternoon could become something we did instead of going for a drive.”

“Indeed Sheila. Being knobbed sounds much better than going to a plant nursery or art gallery. And if it works, we could ask our neighbours Doreen and Stacey if they were interested in doing it. I reckon both of their blokes could be good for something a little different.

Jessica couldn’t stop herself giggling and thought how this must be the best paid job in the whole world. Then she heard voices coming from a bedroom and stopped and peeped inside.


“For goodness sake, if you’re brothers then surely you must know who usually goes first?”

A well built attractive older woman had stripped down to just her stockings and shoes and was sitting back on the bed with her legs wide apart and her hairy vagina on full display. Her large solid breasts stood out provocatively and she held a solid cock in each hand.

Jessica had noticed the woman earlier and watched as the hands of the two young men were offered by another older woman. After the three headed off down the passageway the woman who handed them over watched them go then took out a handkerchief and dabbed her eyes.

“No. Please stop it? We’re not going to do the eeny meeny miny moe thing again. I’ve caught my tigers by their cocks so just give it me. However much you holler, I’m not letting either of you go. One of you just fuck me. Now! Or is there something else going on? Okay! Just in case I’ve missed something, feel free to  call me mummy if that helps. Now! Mummy would like a cuddle please.”

There was a sudden a flurry of activity and the lady on the bed was suddenly vocalising her excitement.

Jessica closed the door quietly, still giggling and set out along the passageway. Surely someone somewhere must be just lustfully doing it, she thought. 

When Jessica neared the bend in the passageway she at last heard the plaintive tones of a “Yes! Yes! Yes! Harder you beautiful bastard,” and she thought the world was at last working the way it should. She gently pushed open a door and peered into the gloom.

The two big ladies she had watched leave with two men earlier were on their knees on a big bed, heaving their bodies every which way. Their buttocks slapped in noisey unison as the two strong males shoved energetically into their pussies. 

“Have you bitches had enough yet?” said one of the men, quietly.

“Or are your wet cunts ready for another round?” echoed the other man.

Jessica heard the women sobbing and wailing and wondered if they were okay. Then a cracked voice called out.

“Give us some more cock. Just get on with it.”

The two men pulled out and swapped places then reinserted themselves in the wet hairy places being so generously offered.

“Okay Spike. Lets go!”

The women screamed and began thrusting their rear ends back up to meet their pleasure providers. 

Again, Jessica backed out of the room quietly.


Time was moving on as Jessica wandered happily along the passage until she came to the door marked The Pink Room. She could hear a low hum of voices and sounds. At first she thought it better that she not go in in case she was seen as another person of interest. But then she thought again and decided that she probably needed to see what was going on simply to get on-the-job experience about something she had not yet seen.

Jessica went in and found a spot to hide beside the coat and dress racks behind the door.

Jess saw that this is were it all really happens late in the day. The grand finale. If a girl hadn’t had enough elsewhere, here is where she should end the evening.

There were at least forty bodies spread across the room and across each other. Legs and backsides waved in the air and there was an enormous amount of thrusting going on.

Jessica noticed that there were many woman embracing and kissing and touching each other. Whether they were on their hands and knees being fucked doggy style or on their backs getting a standard shafting, at least half the ladies had a hand exploring the woman laying next to her. It was then that Jessica spotted Megan and Susannah. Both were on their knees each getting a slow shagging by a keen and determined male. On either side of them, women who were also receiving an energetic workout from a man, reached out to fondle the breasts of Jessica’s two favourite housewives.

Jessica looked around the floor in search of Arnold and Raymond and eventually she discovered them at opposite ends of the room, each with a woman sitting on them, energetically rising up and down and seemingly mouthing words or sounds that Jessica could not decipher above the noise.

Both men seemed happy with their situations and they were obviously happy in the knowledge that their wives on the other side of the room were getting well and truly poked.

Jessica was about to leave when she recognised a voice. A woman close by was humping another woman.

The women underneath her was gasping and writhing under the energetic attention she was enjoying. 

“How come you haven’t done this to me before, Harriet?”

“Never thought about it until I saw the two lots of women nearby doing it. I’m loving it Sheila. I hope you are. Give me your hand. I’ll want it between my legs.”

Jessica looked around and noted that indeed, there were a number of women atop other women. In some instances they were also the recipients of male attention from the rear.

“I’m loving it Harriet. Maybe we could do this at each others after morning tea on a Wednesday when the boys are at golf?”

“I think I’m going to want it more often than that, Sheila so look out.”


Jessica headed back to the shadowy corridor to return to her watching station. Women on their knees on the carpet were sucking a host of cocks and others leant against the walls of the passage with their legs apart and their knees bent. Men yelled and women screamed.

Happiness reigned and out in the lounge room, a couple of women who had obviously been enjoying themselves upstairs and now thought they were finished for the day, were now being openly impaled over the backs of armchairs by men who had happily discovered that they still had shots in their armoury and could offer a final ravishing.

Only moments after she returned to stand close by her comfy chair, now home to a trouser-less man and two disheveled ladies, Jessica’s world changed dramatically.

Suddenly an arm encircled Jessica’s waist then a small hand slid up under her skivvy and her little bra, grasping her girly breast while another arm put her neck in a stranglehold. 

“I know what you need lovely lady and I’m the only person who can give it to you. Is it to be here on the carpet or do you have a preferred place? Answer me quickly you skinny bitch.”

Jessica smelt a rare perfume and the elegant voice of a woman was mesmerising. She was immediately in love with her assailant.

“The alcove just behind the stairs,” Jessica gurgled despite the choking hold around her throat. 

In just moments Jessica was on her back in a darkened spot which the passing crowed seemed never to notice. Hands were removing her clothing and suddenly she was in just her little red bra and matching hold ups.

“I knew it. I can spot one from across the room. But you won’t have this for long darling or at least not until I’ve finished with you.

Jessica’s new strapless dildo stood up, waving its head, happy to be released from her panties and the pink restraining strap.

Above her loomed the beautiful lesbian with the orange and green spiked hair and Jessica could see that the woman was wearing a rubber cock like her own and she knew that she was about to be fucked with it. 

Jessica’s body screamed with excitement. This is what she really really wanted. Life had been leading her towards this moment. A full lesbian showdown – woman to woman and no men allowed.

“What will I call you?” Jessica gasped.

“Sara! And you?”


Sara fondled Jessica between the legs and gently removed her strapless toy. Then without further talk or action, Sara inserted her rubber cock into Jessica and began a rigorous dance of love that Jessica would never forget.

“Oh Sara. Yes! Yes!”

Jessica looked up into the eyes of her new magic mistress and smiled with glazed eyes, heaving herself upward every once in a while as Sara moved backward and forward to a different tune. Sara’s eyes were often closed and her small smiling mouth would pout and sometimes she would moan in her obvious ecstasy. 

* * *

Jessica didn’t know how long the two woman had been standing watching her and Sara make love, but when she heard one of them speak she thought she’d gone to heaven.

“Now that is what a girl really needs, Susannah.”

Megan and her friend were enthralled and both women had their hands up under their skirts. 

Jessica moved her head and looked up at the two gorgeous women, then before she could stop herself, she smiled her most loving smile and patted the carpet on either side of her and her lover, gesturing to them to lie down beside them, and without a moments hesitation, the two slid down and laid back on the carpet and stared closely at the beautiful lovemaking scene before them.

When Sara became aware that she had an audience, she stopped what she was doing and looked at each of them. Then, in that beautiful Kentish private school voice she spoke.

“Please make yourselves comfortable ladies and don’t go away. My name is Sara. You will be next; and you can touch us if you wish.”

Then she buried the rubber cock deep in Jessica’s cunt and Jessica screamed and orgasmed.

Sara removed herself and gently returned Jessica’s dildo to her, placing it back in what was now a well lubricated vagina. Then she moved over and lowered herself between the legs of a stupefied Susannah who squealed and spoke gibberish as she excitedly reached forward with both hands to take hold of Sara’s rubber gift and pull it towards her crotch. 

“Now, you straight slutty house wife. You will never forget the moment when I made you see that you should give yourself to a women. I’m going to make you appreciate true pussy power. You want that don’t you, you sexy little tart? Cunts as well as cocks will be your future and you will thank me for that.”

Sara pushed into the more than ready randy woman beneath her and Susannah let our a piercing scream.

“Yes! Oh yes, Sara. Show me the way; I want it! I want it!”

Then Sara leant forward and engulfed Susannah’s mouth and sucked out her tongue.

Now it was Jessica’s and Megan’s turn.

“I fell in love with you the moment I saw you sitting in the arm chair, Jessica.”

Megan put out her hand and touched Jessica’s face and then leant forward and kissed her on the lips and moments later they were fully immersed in a kissing frenzy.

“I wanted you too. You are so beautiful. I want you so much and I will keep wanting you.”

The two women hugged each other, kissing and sighing as they did so.

“You can shag me with that thing if you want to, Jessica,” Megan whispered. “Whatever you want my darling. I just want you every which way, and very likely I will want you in my life forever.”

Jessica gently slid herself on top of Megan and their hands felt each other in excited anticipation and they both sighed and groaned with the intense feelings they were experiencing.

With their lips pressed hard together, Jessica parted Megan’s legs and rested the end of her rubber cock against her neat lightly haired vagina. 

“Oh Megan! I give you this with my love.”

Jessica gently pushed into Megan whose vagina seemed to just open and swallow her rubber offering and suddenly their bodies were gently moving together in a dance of passion.

“Oh my God! Oh yes! Please Jessica. I love you! I will want much more of this.”


There came a moment when all four women paused and reviewed their situations. Then Sara spoke.

“The only way a woman can free herself from the restrictive male dominated ethos is to enjoy making love to women as well as to men. 

“Now go forth and seduce your friends and neighbours, young and old. Let female love lead the way and free you from disappointment. You will never regret it.”

Sara dressed and put her clothes in order, hiding her male appendage beneath her elasticised knickers. She smiled at everyone and murmured a “thank you” then headed off across the room towards her companions.

Susannah rolled over and smiled at Megan and Jessica.

“Can I have a little bit of your friend, Megan? Right now I just want to be fucked by a woman for ever. Pretty please? And we must get ourselves a couple of these rubber doodads. We are definitely going to need them from now on.”

Megan smiled down at Jessica and took hold of her rubber cock and rubbed it. 

“Could you give my friend a little a bit of this my love? I can see that like me, she is going to want a lot of it in the future.”

Jessica smiled up at her new love. Then she rolled over and pushed Susannah back down on the carpet and slowly shagged the woman who groaned and called out while Megan lightly fingered Jessica’s buttocks and breasts and kissed her shoulders and her neck and her back and whispered, “Yes! Yes! Fuck the lovely bitch, my darling. Then give it to me again. I love you.”

But Jessica was forced to stop and she looked at the two women and said how she should be getting back to work or she might get the sack. They all laughed and kissed and Megan gave Jessica her telephone number and made her promise to call.

But Jessica was forced to stop and she looked at the two women and said how she should be getting back to work or she might get the sack. They all laughed and kissed and Megan gave Jessica her telephone number and made her promise to call.


Back at her watching station beside the arm chair, Jessica saw that everyone had indeed moved on. Disheveled people who had obviously finished their escapades were appearing from the passageway and others staggered down the stairs. They milled around the room looking at each other seemingly in no hurry to leave. A couple of women seemed to have mislaid their dresses, adorning the room with their overt sexual presence. Many wore dreamy smiles while others looked dazed, even shocked.

Most seemed oblivious to her, but then Jessica felt a hand on her backside. The tiny woman who had gone off with the three men was standing and looking at Jessica. She beamed up at her, reading her name tag, and in a tiny low voice, announced that her name was Milly and she needed a woman to finish her off and she had worked out that Jessica would be the best person to help her.

Looking at the tiny sexy apparition beside her and trying to focus on the woman’s request was at first a shock. But then, still hot from her most recent adventure, Jessica smiled and mumbled “Sure! Love to! Follow me, Milly.” and taking the woman by the hand, led her up the stairs to her room. 

The tiny Milly melted under Jessica’s wanton lesbian advances, taking delight in screaming and thrusting her lovely body every which way. Jessica was giving Milly exactly what she wanted and what Jessica wanted too. Milly gurgled and moaned and called out for more and her legs pointed to the ceiling and waved as Jessica worked her magic with the rubber dildo. But that wasn’t all. Jessica was so excited by Milly that she wanted to eat her and biting the woman and yelling at her that she was a gang-banging slut, fuelled both womens deepest desires.

“Oh yes, Jessica. I’m a gang-banging slut. Punish me you darling woman.”

When Milly came, Jessica feared she had done the doll-like creature an injury. A plaintive wail issued from Milly’s lips and she shook constantly for what seemed like forever, then she was still. Jessica stared down at a seemingly lifeless body.

Then Milly’s eyes opened and she smiled a beautiful smile and reached up to pull Jessica’s head down to be kissed.

“Save the best till last, I always say. Can I give you my telephone number Jessica? You know how to give a girl what she really needs”

Jessica laughed and rolled off. 

“I must get back to work, Milly. And yes. Give me your number and I will give you mine. We will fuck again. You are a delight.”


Jessica saw that the crowd had thinned and it seemed that people were leaving in a very happy state of mind. Then she remembered being asked to check on the activities in the little paddock out the back. The Dunking area as Ursula referred to it and she quickly made her way out the back and through the garden area.

As she approached the paddock she could hear sounds through the gate so she knew that something was happening.

Jessica had experienced real dogging. Jessica had twice been privileged to be a part of a select dogging group, once in Sydney and also a similar event in a disused churchyard near Goulburn when she stayed with friends on a farm there. Both were classic dogging situations involving vehicles, but with the benefit of exclusive membership. No smelly pervy types allowed.

The Dunking was different. There were no vehicles’ from where a women could take shelter or tease the many men lining up at the car window, exposing themselves and looking forward to the woman in the car lowering the window so that she could take a lucky cock in her hand. Or if the men were really lucky, she might open the door and offer herself, and from there, she might be led or carried out onto the grass to be properly ravished.

Jessica found herself reminiscing and increased her pace to more quickly discover what was happening behind the wall.

Participation at The Dunking was greater than Jessica expected it would be. Most of the beds were in use plus some people were laying directly on the grass or on blankets.

The two big ladies had moved in, sharing a mattress and sharing the line-up of stiff cocks. They no longer had any clothes on except shoes and they were excitedly flaunting their enormous and insatiable rear ends to the line-up of cock-wagging males awaiting their turn. And Jessica could just make out that it wasn’t the usual love hole that was being filled. 

Jessica could have stopped and stood and watched the anal attacks but there was so much more to look at. 

Wherever Jessica looked, a line of men stood waiting their turn to place their cock in a woman. In some cases they stood in a circle around a woman who selected them randomly to suck. It was then that she realised that this wasn’t dogging as she knew it but rather a huge gang-bang. Fun it might well be, but it lacked the excitement potential of proper dogging.

Women need to be in control and also enjoy the anticipation of not knowing what might happen next. The Dunking was all too blatantly predictable. It might work for someone once, but less so the next time.

Wandering quietly among the participants, trying not to attract male attention, Jessica could see that for a number of women, this was a totally new experience and they seemed to be enjoying the novelty of it.

Her eyes were drawn to two women who were kneeling on a blanket with a row of men standing in line behind them.

As she drew closer, she realised that she had seen the women earlier and had overheard parts of their conversation.

It appears that they were next-door neighbours and both recently divorced and totally loving their new found freedom. That freedom had also involved them becoming lovers so that when Jessica first saw them, they were holding hands and enthusiastically talking to two other women who were also holding hands.

“Oh we like to have men too, but since we became single and got together, life has changed. We are never lonely. And if we need a cock, we just drag in one of our neighbours who are always willing to give it to us. Their wives know about us and their husbands, and they are happy for all of us. And it gives them time to themselves to do what they want to do, be it to make love to someone elses husband or their girlfriends. Win, win all around, we think.”

Jessica mused that what the two were getting now would no doubt serve them well for quite some time. She also couldn’t help thinking that they would need a good ‘finishing off’ later; but then they had each other for that.


It was late in the evening when Jessica’s boss appeared. Ursula looked immaculate and without any sign that she had been a party to an adventure of any sort.

“Hello Jess. I managed to take a shower and change. Always worth freshening up after a busy night.

“How has it been, darling? Everyone seemed happy as they left and all reports point to a successful outcome for all. Is that how you see it Jessica? Would you say that everyone left with a happy look on their faces?”

Jessica smiled back, watching Ursula relax and unfurl as she ended her day.

“From what I observed, everyone went with a happy-ever-after look on their face. Couldn’t have been better, really. And I thoroughly enjoyed myself, Ursula.”

Ursula looked long and hard at Jessica.

“And were you able to fit in a moment of pleasure for yourself, darling?”

Jessica found herself unexpectedly colouring up.

“Yes I did, Ursula. All in the line of duty really, I suppose you’d say. Pleasant surprises often. And I really enjoyed watching and listening to people. The voyeur in me was totally stimulated and satisfied.”

Ursula laughed and continued to stare at Jessica.

“Was there a high point that a girl might mention?”

Jessica coloured up again.

“It wouldn’t be proper to talk about the clients, surely? But I fell in love at least twice and then one amazing lady with spiky green and orange hair had her way with me before I could do a thing to stop her.”

Ursula leant back and laughed out loud.

“That was Sara. I sent her to you. Thought you would enjoy something a little different; and from an expert, too. The four in her party are visiting from England and all are exceptionally talented people.”

Jessica stared back at her boss.

“Well that is good to know. Having such a caring sharing boss is very rare. Thank you Ursula.”

Ursula reached out and took Jessica’s hand and drew her close, and fixed her with her beautiful smile.

“Let me kiss you Jess. Maybe one day we will have time to play girly games together. Would you like that?”

Jessica leant towards her boss and puckered up to enjoy the warmth of those large lipsticked lips and in a little voice whispered, “I would like that very much, Ursula.”

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