Here is a full list of Richard Lee In Print & Out of Print Publications

Erotic Fiction

The Eros Crescent trilogy in separate volumes:

The Fifi Code (ISBN – 978-0-909431-02-0)

The Fifi Code by Richard Lee

Eros Crescent (ISBN – 978-0-909431-05-1)

Mount Eros (ISBN – 978-0-909431-08-2) Available in late 2020

The Eros Crescent Excerpts. Six small volumes containing the activities of one of the significant characters from the trilogy:

Janice: A sexual enigma (ISBN – 978-0-909431-10-5) View excerpt

Janice: A sexual enigma

Jessica: A young woman’s journey (ISBN – 978-0-909431-13-6) View excerpt

Jessica: A young woman's journey.

Helen: Enough is not enough (ISBN – 978-0-909431-14-3)

Helen: Enough is not enough

Maria: Always available (ISBN – 978-0-909431-15-0)

Maria: Always available

Mary: Catching up (ISBN – 978-0-909431-11-2)

Mary: Catching up

The Club: Ladies love it! (ISBN – 978-0-909431-12-9)

The Club: Ladies love it

All of the above titles can be purchased as Paperbacks and Kindle eBooks from Amazon.

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Literary Fiction

Australian Short Stories (ISBN – 978-0-909431-00-6) A Kindle eBook of this can be downloaded or ordered as a paperback at Amazon

Australian Short Stories

Restless. A novel about two young men growing up in Australia between 1900 and 1936 (Publication late 2021.)

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Out of Print Titles

The books listed below can be found in many Australian public libraries and some school libraries. Used book dealers might have copies and it is worth searching.

Mathematics for Young Children by Helen Western (ISBN – 978-0-909431-01-3)

Currajong: For Those Whom Schools Have Failed by Bruce Wicking (ISBN – 978-0-909431-03-7)

The Puppetry Handbook by Anita Sinclair (ISBN – 978-0-909431-04-4)

Wordswork by Chris Davidson & Bruce Wicking  (ISBN – 978-0-909431-06-8)

Sheep Production by Murray Elliott (ISBN – 978-0-909431-07-5)

Ducks for Starters: A Practical Guide to Backyard Duck Keeping by Bruce Wicking  (ISBN – 978-1-875207-00-8)

Sweethearts by Colin Talbot (A novel) (ISBN – 978-1-875207-02-2)