The Fifi Code by Richard Lee

From Morning Glory in THE FIFI CODE by Richard Lee.

With Rosa gone, I had an instinctive feeling that I should take responsibility for Bertie. Though he was intelligent, strong and a very self-sufficient seventy-year-old, he had in recent years developed what seemed like a mild case of short-term memory loss, which most people would fail to notice. Rosa had talked to me one morning about it.

“The funny thing is, Alice, Bertie hasn’t really forgotten something; the memory simply has to be triggered. I find myself inventing short phrases or words which I emphasise after we’ve discussed anything. Then I use the relevant short phrase later, when the subject comes up again.”

Alice had asked Rosa for an example.

“Well, let’s say I’m hand-watering plants. I will talk to Bertie about hand-watering using a bucket. At the end of the conversation, I will look at him and say ‘Bertie, buckets’. And from then on, if I say ‘Bertie, buckets’, he will head off and fetch buckets to the front garden. It sounds odd, but it has given us a better way of dealing with his loss of memory, if that is all it is. It might sound a bit cruel, but he seems so happy with the arrangement that I now use it for all sorts of things.”

I couldn’t help noticing that she seemed to put an emphasis on “all sorts of things”, but then that radiant look on her face that she so often wore in the mornings took over and we moved on.

On the first Saturday morning after Rosa’s admittance to hospital, I woke later than usual and immediately panicked, thinking that Bertie might still be confused about his wife’s absence. I still hadn’t formulated a plan that included him in a daily breakfast routine, nor knew whether or not that was necessary.

I did know that he usually stayed in bed for a while after Rosa got up and that she sometimes took him a cup of tea in bed, but I had never bothered questioning her about it as I was usually heading out the door when she was still boiling the kettle.

My earlier conversation with Rosa had intrigued me. Nothing that I had learnt so far in my Psychology studies had touched on anything like what she spoke of, although it could be that Bertie was showing signs of early stages of a particular form of dementia that I didn’t know about.

Now I would have the opportunity to observe Mr Bennett without interruption and I was excited at the prospect of having an unofficial client–patient situation here at home. 

I headed for the master bedroom.

The door was slightly ajar so I knocked quietly, pushed it gently and looked in. Bertie was lying on his back with his arms out of the bed and folded on his stomach over his dark blue pyjama top. His eyes were closed so I thought it best to come back later, but as I began to pull the door shut behind me his voice called out.

“Alice. is that you?”

“Yes, Bertie. I thought you were asleep and didn’t want to disturb you.”

I put my head back around the door and saw him lift himself up on one elbow.

“Come in girl. Don’t be shy. I wasn’t asleep, just trying to think things through. Come and sit here. You can probably help me better understand about Rosa’s situation.”

He patted the bedclothes in front of him. I walked over and sat down.

“Well, I don’t know any more than you do at the moment, but I would expect we will get a clearer picture later in the day, after you’ve visited her. The doctors will be able to update us, I’m sure.”

Bertie grunted to indicate his satisfaction with my answer.

“How come you’re still here, Alice? Won’t you be late for classes?”

“It’s Saturday, Bertie. I don’t go to university at the weekend. I get to sleep in and do other stuff. Leisure time! I love it!”

“I hope you will stay on here with us, Alice. With Rosa away, I think I would be a bit lost on my own. I can look after myself pretty well except for grocery shopping. So long as there is food in the fridge and in the garden, I’m fine.”

“Oh Mr B, of course I will be staying here. I so love this place and being with you both, and I so want to find out more about the two of you, particularly Rosa.”

“Thank you Alice. We both love having you here.” 

Then Bertie began talking about his side of the family and I took the opportunity to look around their bedroom. 

As I was about to comment on something he’d just said and was bringing my eyes back to look at him, they were drawn to a bulge in the bedclothes just slightly behind were I sat. My first thought was that the bedclothes had got strangely bunched up, but the more I looked, the more I had to accept that Bertie had an erection. I stared at it long enough for him to notice the direction of my eyes.

What Bertie said next – although I didn’t realise it at the time – triggered enormous changes to my life, changes that would affect me for ever.

“Rosa calls that her ‘Morning Glory’ and sometimes her ‘Wake Me Up’. She has it most days before she leaves the bed.”

I looked up at his face, trying to establish the reality of the situation and what he had said. Had I misheard him? Was he talking about something completely different from what I was looking at?

“I think he’s missing her as much as I am,” Bertie said gently with a wry smile, sounding completely innocent and unselfconscious.

My head was full of possible scenarios. Should I excuse myself on pretence of getting breakfast, and leave?  Was this a form of aberrant behaviour related to memory loss? It seemed nothing he said matched with any previous experiences in my life, and Bertie’s speech and mannerisms did not appear to be inappropriate in any way. 

I told myself that I must respond to him honestly, as he had seemed to express himself to me.

“I know Rosa loves you very much, Mr B, so I can imagine she would see everything with loving eyes. She knows she is a very lucky woman to have you as her life-long partner.”

“Thank you Alice. Yes. We are so very happy together.”

I was now getting over the initial shock of spotting Bertie’s erection. A new thought – or was it an emotion – was gathering strength. I suddenly had a strong urge to see his erection. 

I told myself that this was just so that I could learn more about the couple’s relationship, and what might have made them so close and happy for the past fifty years. That was my feeble attempt at an intellectual rationalisation.

Before I could stop myself I was speaking, seemingly from a distance. 

“Can I see Rosa’s Morning Glory please, Mr B?”

There was silence for a long moment, then Bertie spoke.

“I’m not sure that Rosa would approve of that, you being her friend’s stepdaughter, and so young and all. She’s pretty liberal in her outlook but she might have a reason to say no. 

“Remind me to ask her if I can show it to you when I see her later.”

I took a deep breath and tried to analyse what Bertie had said. It seemed that he did not object; it was just that he thought Rosa might. And the openness of his thoughts about asking her first was beautiful, to say the least. 

My head was buzzing. I now really wanted to see his erection. I would have to work with his simple honesty and his lack of guile.

“Mr Bennett! I really want to know why you and Rosa’s fifty-year relationship has been so successful. I can get just so much from talking to her and looking at old photos, but it is not enough. 

“You have exposed a very personal intimacy by telling me about your erection, and it seems to me perfectly acceptable that, as a mature, university-educated woman, I should find out more about the two of you via this intimate communication we are having. Please Mr B? Just a peek will do.”

A long pause followed. Bertie’s eyes were closed. Had he fallen asleep, I wondered?

“Very well then. Given the situation Rosa is currently in, and the possibility of an uncertain future, I agree that you should be able to investigate. Go ahead, Alice. Pull back the bedclothes and do your research.”

Even though I think I looked calm, I felt sure an observer would have noticed a faint shaking in my limbs and, dare I say, a sparkle in my eyes.

“Thank you, Mr B.”

For a moment I wondered which end of the bedclothes to lift. 

“This end is where she starts,” came Bertie’s soft voice.

I felt like an amateur and I blushed. Then I leant forward, lifted the bedclothes up and back and uncovered Morning Glory. 

Oh, what a sight it was. In simple terms it was very big, but it was by no means fully erect; rather it was standing at rest so to speak, and not looking to rampage anywhere soon. I was flabbergasted. 

“It’s very beautiful, Mr B.”

“Thank you, Alice.”

So now I found myself half lying on the end of the Bennetts’ bed in nothing more than a light cotton dress and skimpy knickers, propped up on my elbows with my chin in my hands, staring at Bertie’s massive cock and trying to appear objective and impartial. 

In truth, I was experiencing little flutters in parts of my anatomy I didn’t know could flutter, and, by the way, how dared this thing sit so still with a young woman staring at it close up? 

Such was my real state of mind: chaotic, and with a growing feeling of excitement. I so wanted to reach out and touch it, and I had momentarily become oblivious to Bertie’s presence. 

Bertie’s voice interrupted my reverie.

“I’m sure Rosa wouldn’t mind you touching him now that you’ve come this far. Some mornings she can’t help teasing him with her tongue, just for fun, before she climbs on. Other times she simply gets on with it.” 

My mind went into overdrive trying to process everything he said. Half of me wanted to explore all the possibilities of this situation, the other half was inhibited by the sexually repressed upbringing that most children experience. I think the correct term for my thoughts and emotions at that moment would be “conflicted”.

“Thank you, Mr Bennett,” I mumbled, not wanting him to know that I was truly-tongue tied. 

I was eager to reach out and grasp Morning Glory for my very own. I had crossed all the barriers to arrive at that decision and the sexual flutterings throughout my body became more seriously rampant.

Taking hold of Bertie’s cock with one hand was exciting. Adding another hand was more exciting, and when his beautiful member suddenly twitched and surged upward in my palms, I gasped audibly.

Bertie gave a little gasp too, which reassured that I wasn’t the only one experiencing this.

I stretched out on the bed, moving up to bring my mouth close to the now growing throbbing penis that was giving me so much pleasure. I began by sticking out my tongue and touching the top of his member. It was then that I realised that I was crazily, happily randy. 

Bertie’s cock was still growing and what had been a big soft lump of sleeping penis was now changing, both in length and hardness. I dragged as much of it as I could into my mouth and left it there. 

My eyes were closed. Lying in this blissful state, I began thinking of where I might go next, with Bertie’s best wishes of course. Reluctantly I  removed his cock from my mouth.

“Mr Bennett?”

“Yes, Alice?”

“Is this how Rosa lies on the bed when playing with Morning Glory? Or does she do things from a different position?”

“Well, she would start off where you are, but then she would turn herself completely around and put a leg either side of me.”

This was very exciting information, and I experienced a sort of full body hot flush.

“And what did Rosa achieve by doing that, Mr B?”

“Well, mainly it was to ready herself for getting onto me. But she also enjoyed being able to wiggle her rear end at me, especially if she thought I had forgotten her and gone back to sleep.”

Things were definitely getting better by the moment. My randiness now knew no bounds and I had a terrible moment when I thought I could rape Bertie, such was the intensity of my excitement.

“I think I need to get into that position too, Mr B. Please tell me if I’m doing it wrong.”

“Fine, Alice. Just swing yourself around and back up towards my face. Just so long as you can reach everything you want. You are about Rosa’s height so you should be fine. Oh, and how’s the research going, Alice? Are you discovering more about us?”

That last sentence floored me. Was Bertie enjoying this as I was, or was he just an unfeeling automaton?

“Great, Mr Bennett. I’m about to swing round. And yes, Mr B, I’m learning heaps. And Mr B, can I ask if you are enjoying this?”

“I sure am, Alice. Rosa says it is good for me to have variety. She has her friend Maude over once a month. Maude lost her husband a couple of years ago. She’s very lonely. Rosa gets me to give Maude a special something, which she loves, and that her husband used to do. 

“Of course, Rosa is especially affectionate to women, as you will no doubt have discovered. I love her for it dearly.”

I wanted to be left totally alone with Bertie’s wonderful cock, but the information he had just delivered sent my brain into overdrive. 

My God! So much to process. 

Letting lust get the upper hand solved my problem, blotting out the rest of what he had said, at least for the time being. 

I eased my body around and slid a leg over Bertie’s torso. I was now up on my knees with all of my private parts on full view to him. Would he even notice? Whether he would or not didn’t seem to matter any more. Overtly exposing myself to his gaze was a thrill in itself.

“You are a very beautiful young woman,” came Bertie’s soft rich voice. 

And if I had thought he might not be interested in the view, imagine how it felt when his fingers slipped into the top of my undies and dragged them over my bottom and down to my knees. This caused a tiny orgasm and I felt a sudden wetness down there. I was in heaven.

“Thank you, Mr Bennett. And you touch me beautifully.”

Bertie’s cock was now so big and hard I could hardly get it into my mouth, and when I did, my throat could take only a third of it. But I was so happy with my lot, I simply stopped thinking and instead luxuriated in the pure uncensored sensuality of my situation. 

Then, when I thought Bertie was just happy staring at my privates, he placed a finger on my wet vagina and wriggled it around. It was electrifying, but even more so when he gently pushed it into my swollen cunny and placed his thumb lightly on the head of my clitoris. 

I pulled my mouth from his cock and gasped incoherently.

“Oh Bertie! Please don’t stop.”

“I will when you tell me you are ready, Alice.”

What did Bertie mean? Ready for what?

“Ready for what, Mr B?” I panted.

“Ready for Morning Glory, Alice. Rosa goes from where you are now to putting my cock inside her. Once it’s in, Rosa takes things really slow, hardly moving; then, as if by magic, she has her orgasm, sometimes more than one. Moments later she’s off out of bed and heading for the kitchen.”

I struggled to take in what he had said. Were things going too fast? Was I going to go all the way with this? Could things possibly feel better than they did at this moment? 

I looked at his giant cock. It was a sentinel, a provider of security, but only to those who showed it love. How could I refuse it my love? It had led me to the state of ecstasy I was feeling right now. It deserved my love and affection. Yes, all the way was the only way.

“Ready, Mr Bennett.”

Bertie’s finger slowly exited but the fire in my cunny burnt on fiercely. 

I don’t really know why, but I waited. Moments like this should be savoured according to the tiny voice of my totally in-charge lustful self.

Then he licked, then kissed my private parts, which convulsed me so that I jumped forward and I found myself in a crouching position above his cock.

Until now, it hadn’t occurred to me to think about how his cock would fit inside me. 

Bertie’s fingering had definitely caused me to swell and open up. Was that his plan? Is that why Rosa played and teased him each morning, to get him to help prepare her cunt for the final delight? 

With one hand I took hold of Bertie, then I lowered myself and rubbed the head of his penis and around the top of the shaft with all my wetness. 

What happened next I still can’t believe. As my vagina spread itself over the top of Bertie’s cock, my cunny opened up and I had a distinct feeling that it was sucking his cock in and upwards as, at the same time, I was lowering myself onto his superb affair.

Within moments his cock was housed, entirely filling me. 

I simply stayed in this position, impaled with the source of my lust. Then I felt his cock pulsate once, twice, three times. I exploded. ‘Morning Glory’ indeed, dear Rosa.

“Thank you, Mr Bennett.”

“My pleasure, Alice.” 

I slowly unsheathed Bertie’s massive cock and lay still, my head between his thighs, while my body melted away into a semi-dream state. After a few long moments’ rest I realised that there was still one thing that Rosa would do to complete ‘Morning Glory’. 

“Cup of tea, Mr B?”

“Great idea, Alice.”

As I part walked and staggered to the kitchen in an extraordinarily blissful state, and with my hand joyfully nursing my pussy, I reasoned that researching Rosa and Bertie’s fifty-year relationship could never get better than this. Or could it?

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