The Fifi Code

This excerpt is a part of the fourth chapter Loving It in THE FIFI CODE by Richard Lee.

“Alice! You’re home very early!” Bertie exclaimed.

“Yes, Mr Bennett. I felt like coming home and spending a little time hanging out with you. I hope that’s okay?”

“Hanging out? Now let me see if I can interpret this youthful phrase into something I can understand.” 

Bertie laughed heartily, which I’d never seen him do before.

“I assume that we do things together while ‘hanging out’. Well, that shouldn’t be too hard. I do so enjoy your company, so anything you may have in mind, I’m sure I will enjoy.” 

I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Bertie was all mine. The problem was that I could feel myself becoming tongue-tied. How on earth would I be able to say the code?

“By the way, Alice, you are looking very beautiful this afternoon. There is something different about you. Your lipstick perhaps, very alluring. If  only I was a bit younger, dam it, I’d be trying to pluck up courage to ask you for a date. Yes, indeed I would.”

And that was all I needed. Confirmation that this man was hungry to be with me, even without using a code.

“Thank you, Mr Bennett. I would love a date with such an attractive man and, if I might make a suggestion, “Fifi would love you in her stockings.”

The silence probably wasn’t as long as it seemed. Bertie moved towards me, smiling his gentle, wondrous smile.

“How lovely. That would be very nice Alice. Come with me.”

For a moment I was terrified. What had I done? Bertie seemed so normal. Somehow I had got it into my head that once the code was uttered, Bertie would become a silent automaton. Why had I thought that? Could it be that he was really just going to be who he really was, and not my imagined man, seemingly hypnotised and responding only to a predefined trigger word?

“Yes, Mr Bennett.”

Bertie leant forward and gave me a brief kiss on the lips, then took my arm and led me into the lounge room, seating me first, and then himself, on the sofa. My heart was pounding, mostly with excitement but also with a smidgeon of fear. 

The curtains were pulled to keep out the afternoon sun, so as the evening advanced, the room was full of shadows and only a small amount of light came from the kitchen via the passageway.

“Alice, I must confess to you that I’m a little nervous. Strange, isn’t it? This is our first time together away from the bedroom. I want to touch you, but I don’t want to frighten you.”

I was suddenly overwhelmed by Bertie’s sensitivity and I realised that maybe he needed a tiny bit of help and I turned towards him.

“Mr Bennett, you are a wonderful kisser and I so want to be kissed by you and touched by your strong beautiful hands. 

“Please, Mr B, kiss me.”

With that, I reached around and pulled his neck down towards me and fastened my lips to his. As our kissing became more intense, I reached for his hand and placed it on my dress, at the top of my leg. 

Bertie’s sails suddenly found the breeze and our boat sailed.

He moved his hand up from my leg to my shoulder and pulled the top of my body forward and down a little so that he could reach my back and unzip my dress. He slowly pulled the arms of the dress down and removed them from my shoulders. Then while he kissed me, he slowly pulled the front of my dress down to my waist exposing my naked breasts.

“I adored your breasts from the moment I caught glimpses of them beneath your frock that first morning, when you backed up to me on the bed. I so wanted to touch them then. Now I can, at last. Thank you sweet Alice.” 

Bertie gently caressed them and played with my nipples, then he leant forward and sucked and nibbled the nipple on my right breast. The feeling was electrifying and I gasped. While he was doing that, I slipped my hand inside his shirt, touching his nipples and drawing my nails through the thick hair on his chest.

Then he unexpectedly unzipped himself and in a moment exposed his member. He took my hand and placed it on his upright cock. I rolled my fingers around it and held it tight. I shuddered fully for the first time. 

Bertie’s whispering about how much he secretly admired my breasts, while confidently putting my hand exactly where he wanted it, assured me I was indeed with the wonderful man who had taught me how to enjoy his Morning Glory.

Bertie left my breasts and lifted my skirt up well above my knees the he sat looking at my stockinged legs then gently put out his hand and touched my knee. He ran his hand down the back of my leg to my ankle, where he spread his fingers all the way round it and squeezed it, then he let a finger move down to touch the top of my foot below the shoe strap. I realised that I was breathing and gasping quite heavily. 

“You are so beautiful, Alice. I want to have every part of you all at once.”

Bertie unlocked my fingers around his cock and stood up. He quickly took off his trousers and underpants. Then he knelt in front of me. Taking a stockinged leg in each hand, he lifted them up high, high enough to reposition me on the couch so that my bottom was partly hanging over the edge. 

He gazed down on the bare tops of my legs and my exposed private parts and breathed an audible sigh of appreciation. 

“So much beauty,” he whispered.

Then he placed my legs so that they hung from my knees down over his shoulders, with my feet dangling down his back. Then he touched my bare upper leg and lifted the top edge of my stocking. He placed his cock at the spot where his fingers were, lifting the top of the stocking over the head of his member while gently sliding it up into the stocking. In a few moments his cock was completely ensconced in the stocking. I could feel it and I trembled. 

Almost immediately, as had happened so often before, Bertie’s cock jerked backwards and forwards, signalling to the world that even in its silk cage it was available for all purposes to do with love.

I was enjoying this relaxed and erotic male fantasy. I was a part of it, yet could view it as though from a distance: as a voyeur. 

Then Bertie found my hand, flattened it out and placed it over his stocking-covered cock.

“Stroke it for me, Alice.”

“Oh, yes, Mr Bennett.”

As he spoke, he reached forward with his other hand and put a finger into my mouth. 

“Make it wet for me, please.”

I licked Bertie’s finger slowly, staring at his face and showing him my tongue. Then he withdrew it from my mouth and moments later I felt his hand brush my clitoris. Then he pushed the finger I’d sucked, slowly into my cunny, and as I felt his big cock pulsate under my hand I gave a tiny scream thrust myself upward, and came.

“Oh how I love you Mr B.”

My tiny voice seemed to come directly from my vagina, and I felt a wetness on my cheek as I shed a tear. Was this a release of tension? All this wetness and Bertie’s undivided attention made me feel so very special.

Then he began to undo the suspender on my other leg and, when the stocking was released, dragged it upward till it hung somewhat loosely, just below my knee. He took his finger out of my pussy and my hand away from his cock then laid my hand on my crotch, pushing it gently backwards and forwards, suggestive of me pleasuring myself. 

Bertie removed his cock from the stocking on my right leg and slipped it up into the unfastened stocking on the left leg. He could now rub it against my calf while his balls nestled in the hollow at the back of my knee.

“Oh, Alice. You have such beautiful legs,” he whispered.

“Thank you, Mr Bennett. And what you are doing to them is truly beautiful.”

I was loving every moment of Bertie’s attention, but I reminded myself that I had planned more. 

After he had been rubbing against the back of my leg for quite some time, and I rubbed him through my stocking, and had enjoyed more tiny orgasms, I spoke.  

“Fifi would love you inside her, Mr Bennett.”

Nothing happened at first and I thought he might not have heard me. Then he removed himself from the stocking and nuzzled his cock in under my hand. The very large hood pushed gently inwards, and my cunt willingly opened up ahead of him.

Bertie looked down at my face and smiled, then he spoke.

“One day, sweet Alice, I would like to fuck your mouth, right between those bright red lips. But we’ll do that another time.”

Bertie’s fantasy momentarily carried me away and I shivered at the thought.

“You can have whatever you want, whenever you want it, you darling man,” I whispered.

What I said caused him to pulsate and his giant cock moved up into me even further. Even though I had had him right up inside me during our morning lovemaking, this position made it seem different. I figured that, in the mornings, I was on top and in charge. Now my cunt was there for him, and in whatever way he wanted me.

Bertie hoisted me up and lifted both my legs by the ankles so that I could see them perfectly, waving in the air. I had always believed that my legs where acceptably shapely, but suddenly I could only think vainly, how beautiful they were. His beautiful cock was giving me a superb feeling of pleasure so that I was constantly on the verge of coming. Suddenly I screamed and came two or three times in rapid succession. Bertie remained still while I recovered, then settled back into shagging me again.

My imagination came into play and I had a vision of my beloved Freya lying like this beside me, with her long thin legs in her white little-girl socks that she always wore, and wearing her tiny white high-heeled sandals, her feet high in the air alongside mine. 

In my fantasy, I saw Bertie shagging her while she and I kissed and touched each other.  Then I saw an image of him shagging me while Freya held his balls and the base of his shaft hard up against me, and with that I came three times.

Bertie was having a wonderful time. No doubt he felt some pride each time I came. He loved kissing my legs and my feet and shoes. I envied him; I, too, wanted to make love to my beautiful legs.

Then I remembered there was just one more coded instruction I wanted to give and, from what I had recently learnt about Bertie from Rosa, he might not want to do it. 

But I really wanted this. 

“Fifi wants you to come inside her, Mr Bennett.”

There was quiet and Bertie stopped moving his cock in and out of me.

“Are you sure about this, Alice?

“Yes, dearest Bertie, of course I want it. Is there a reason I shouldn’t have it, Mr B?”

“Only that I choose to ejaculate very rarely and because of that, when I do, I can become very self-centred, selfish and even forceful, and forget where I am. I would never want to hurt you, Alice.”

“Mr Bennett, how sweet you are. But I want to experience you totally, you beautiful man. Fuck me silly if you want to. I will never blame you for anything that happens.”

Bertie became quiet. He went back to kissing my knees and calves, and bent down low to lick the bare flesh above my stockings. Then he reached forward to put his mouth on my breasts and suck my nipples. He put a hand round my neck and pulled my head forward and kissed me, and thrust his tongue into my mouth, and I cried out and orgasmed.

I didn’t know what to expect next but luxuriated in what he did while admiring my legs and feet, still waving high above me, and I rotated each foot slowly, first one way then the other.

Then I felt him wetting a finger in my cunny. He lifted me up a little higher and I felt his hand around between my buttocks. I felt his wet finger at my tiny bottom hole, and suddenly it was inside me moving around very slowly. This was something I had never expected, and knew nothing about. 

I decided to relax as best I could and just go with it. Then, just as quickly, Bertie removed his finger. 

It was as though he was claiming ownership of every part of me before fucking me. I found the idea appealing and I experienced still another excited shudder.

Ever so slowly, Bertie started moving his cock in and out of me.

The vision of Freya lying beside me with her legs in the air came back to me and I decided, there and then, that somehow I would bring her into my secret world. It was risky, but I was besotted with both her and Bertie. I wanted her to have what I was having and I wanted to share it with her.

Bertie’s orgasm came quite soon. I don’t know why I thought he would take a long time. But that he came soon was a good thing because his violent pounding of my cunt, and his pushing me all over the sofa and twisting me first this way then that, could not have gone on much longer.

When he came, the earth did move. His reaching right into me and unloading his enormous volume of sperm was like nothing I had experienced then, or was likely to, for the rest of my life. Later, in bed, right through to the early hours, his cum dribbled out of me.

After Bertie ejaculated, he did not withdraw. He remained in me for a long time while spasms ran through his body. His cock remained firm and his spasms provided me with the longest constantly active bout of orgasms I was ever to experience.

“I love you Mr Bennett,” I whispered.

“I love you too,” came his reply. 

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