Jessica: A young woman’s journey –


Jessica wandered out of the laundry, leaving Angela and Sally planning their next adventure. 
As she was passing by the double doors that led to the little sun room, she glanced in and saw three men sitting on a sofa.

The men looked much older than the other men she’d seen at the swingers party so far. They were happily laughing and talking and Jessica thought how relaxed they were and she felt that she wanted to know more about them.

“Hello gentlemen. May I join you?” she ventured as she came close and they looked up at her.

Jessica put them all in their late seventies. They seemed so relaxed and unthreatening and she wanted to know them better.

Three sets of appreciative and smiling eyes stared back at Jessica.

“Welcome to the gang of three, dearest lady. You are very beautiful. Please come and sit with us. Move up Henry and let the girl have a seat. That is Colin up that end, Henry in the middle and I’m John. What is your name?”

“I’m Jessica. Pleased to meet you all.” 
Jessica squeezed in between Henry and John.

“How is it that three fine looking men like you are all alone. Have you finished enjoying all the lovely woman here already? Or have you been told to behave yourselves?”

The three men laughed and John answered.

“Well, Jessica. We are all in our mid eighties but we have one other thing in common. All three of us have wives who are very much younger than us and as you can imagine, because of our age, the girls are missing out on some of the things we were once keen to share with them. As a result, we like to bring them to swinger parties. It is somewhere where they can meet younger men and get a bit of you-know-what. This means that we can all stay happily married.”

Then Colin added his voice to the conversation.

“We can get them up but they’re just not hard enough anymore, are they boys? 
We love our wives so we are happy that they can find themselves good serviceable men at events like this.

“My Mary came past a few minutes ago to see if we were okay and said all three were having a great time and their only worry was that they might be running out of men.”

John laughed and said how if that was the case, his Maureen would want him to put on the special rubber birthday present she gave him the minute they got home and he wouldn’t get to sleep until the early hours.

Jessica was fascinated by what these jolly men were saying. She wondered if the three men’s wives gave them any attention but decided not to ask. 
Jessica decided to play the innocent girl. Well, sort of innocent.

Jessica told the three gentlemen about how difficult it was to find sensitive men who would give her a gentle touch-up and play with her and caress her and talk to her. As she spoke she put a hand on John and Henry’s knees and lightly rubbed them.

“That sounds about all we can do, girl. Would you like us to play with you then? We certainly won’t hurt you. Why don’t you lay yourself across our legs so that we can get to you. Do that and we’ll see how we go. What do you think fella’s.

A thrill ran through Jessica’s body. She stood up and surveyed the men, then she lifted the hem of her skirt and asked them if she should she lay face up or face down. Two out of three said face down, so the excited girl carefully laid on top of six legs, her shoes touching the arm of the sofa one end her head on John’s trousers at the other end.

“That is nice, isn’t it fellas? She’s quite something isn’t she? Look at those legs.”

Jessica felt six sets of fingers moving gently up and down on the back of her legs and she rejoiced in the moment.

Excerpts from the EROS CRESCENT Series. These stories take you on a journey like no other – to places you couldn’t imagine. A female friendly sex club or a privately owned members-only dogging venue; the toy-boy life of a writer working on the Amalfi coast and much much more. JESSICA and the other novellas – MARY, MARIA, HELEN, JANICE and THE CLUB – are extracts taken from The Fifi Code, Eros Crescent and Mount Eros. To see the complete range of titles on Amazon, click here.

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