Akira with Coco and Nico

Mount Eros is the third book in the Eros Crescent series.

Akira with Coco and Nico excerpt from Mount Eros, the third title in the Eros Crescent series by Richard Lee. 

“I’ve invited a couple of old school friends, Coco and Nico, around for dinner tomorrow night, Caroline.” 

Miranda and Caroline were lying in bed on a bleak rainy London Saturday morning. Caroline was staying at Jackie and Miranda’s flat while she sold her apartment and settled her affairs before returning to Australia. She had just brought in a tray of coffee and vegemite toast.

“That sounds good Miranda. I take it that I’ve not met them before. Where are they from?”

“Coco and Nico – short for Colette and Nicolette – enrolled at my old school, Twigs, or Tunbridge Well Girls Grammar School, the year after me. They were some of the first West Indian girls to arrive there.”

Caroline had forgotten that Miranda’s father had accepted a posting at the Australian Embassy in London when she was around twelve and that the family hadn’t returned to Sydney until he retired and Miranda was seventeen. Her father was quite a bit older than her mother who was from an Anglo Indian family and who he met when working in the foreign service in what was then Madras but later to become Chennai.  

“So you’ve stayed in touch, obviously.”

“Yes. They both work as programmers in a medical research company in the same building as me so we’ll often have lunch together. They are a little different but great fun. I’m sure you will like them. 

“The interesting thing is that they have both recently announced that they are pregnant and although they aren’t saying much about it, gossip around the water coolers say that they are pregnant to the same man. They will tell me about it if and when they want to.”

“So do Coco and Nico live together Miranda?”

“Yes they do. Their grandparents on their mother’s side did very well in the food business after they arrived here from Jamaica in the first wave of immigrants in the late nineteen forties, eventually buying a large older house in Tunbridge Wells. Coco and Nico still live there with their mother, their dad having passed away a couple of years back. I think their father might have been from India.

“They’re bringing a Caribbean takeaway so be prepared for a surprise. They’re both vegetarians so don’t expect curried goat or the like.

“There is one more thing, Caroline. Coco and Nico are very singleminded about every thing. It’s not a problem, just interesting and sometimes downright amusing. Whatever they do, simply pretend it’s all very normal. Their eccentric behaviour could also be related to the reason they are both regarded as the best systems analysts in any organisation in London.”

Coco and Nico Arrive

The arrival of Coco and Nico was memorable for a number of reasons. The two girls were staggeringly beautiful. Both were slim and stood tall in their bright coloured coats and frocks and stylish high heels. Their dark skin shone so that Caroline easily understood what she meant when Miriam had earlier in the week mentioned her friends the Glow Sisters, and for all the wrong reasons, Caroline couldn’t believe that they could be anything other than models; never computer programmers and systems analysts. 

“Hello Caroline. So pleased to meet you.”

The sisters passed cardboard containers to their host then stood in the hallway removing their coats and putting their matching wet brollies in the stand. Then, to Caroline’s amazement, they removed not just their shoes but each hitched up their frocks and divested themselves of their panties, hanging them carefully over the brolly handles. Not a word was said about it and the two beauties continued with their a conversation about the food they had handed to Miranda when they arrived.

“It’s only mildly hot, Miranda. Hope you both like it.”

Caroline ushered the women through to the lounge room while Miranda went back into the kitchen. The sisters made themselves comfortable on the sofa and looked across at Caroline, both smiling. 

“Caroline is a real blond Nico. Nordic I suppose?”

Coco rose and came over to where Caroline was sitting and reached out and lifted her skirt, then pulled the crotch of her panties aside and looked down.

“Yep! A proper blond alright, oh and guess what, she’s got tiny curls, and guess what else? Her middle toe on her right foot is about an eighth of an inch bigger.”

Coco returned to her seat and looked at her sister.

“If she’s curly as well then there must be a smidgen of Icelandic although there is some evidence that a few Vikings carried it in their DNA.”

Both women turned their faces towards Caroline and smiled.

“You are very beautiful Caroline. We would love to know more about you. Tell us about your lineage. Where were your parents from?”

Caroline pulled herself together and attempted to answer the question.

“Well, umm, yes. My mother was English – from Cornwall – and my father’s family were from Denmark but they met in Australia when they were teenagers. Does that help?”

“What colour hair did your mother have, Caroline?”

“She was auburn, almost ginger.”

“Miranda said that you are pregnant. What do you know about the father?”

Caroline was not sure that she was happy about the rapid-fire questioning of these two energetic women. But Miranda had warned her that they were a bit different.

“Well, he’s what you would usually call an Anglo Celt I suppose. The truth is, I don’t know much about his genetic background. Should I be worried?”

“Not at all Caroline. Unless he’s from a continuous line of native residents of Schleswig Holstein, but even then it wouldn’t be really serious. Just a possibility of two different coloured eyes, one grey and the other hazel. Right Nico?”

The sisters laughed out loud then turned to watch Miranda bring in the food tray and park it in the middle of the room. 

“Now come and eat and stop going on with your genetic research nonsense girls. 

“I’m from Welsh stock with a smattering of Spanish on one side and Anglo Indian on the other and I’m thinking of using Roger, the same father Caroline chose, for my first baby. He writes crime novels and gets up late and takes long showers, and from what I hear, he’s a good lover. That’s all I need to know. 

“Help yourselves to water. It’s over there on the dresser.”

Caroline looked at Miranda. With her small stature and jet black hair and red cheeks she sort of fitted the Welsh stereotype except she didn’t have the blue eyes.

The food was delicious and when eventually Caroline helped to carry out some of the dishes she was more than surprised when Miranda told her in a quiet voice that things might change once she presented their visitors with after dinner drinks. 

“You won’t think they are the same girls once they’ve downed a couple of gin and tonics, Caroline. Be ready is all I can advise. This is where chemistry outsmarts genetics, darling. They will be begging for our attention with our strap-ons in no time. And while I’m thinking about it, they are in the bottom draw of the dresser in case you suddenly needed them. The girls like to wear the pink ones and will want us to wear the black ones, at least that is what has happened when they’ve visited Jackie and I in the past. Not sure why.”

When the four had settled and each was on their second gin and tonic, Miranda asked about the girls being pregnant.

“Nico, there is a lot of talk about you both being with child, as we used to say. Is this true.”

Nico and Coco both looked at each other and giggled.

“Yes it is true. We spend so much time studying human reproduction we think we might have caught something. Not sure how it happened. 

“Coco says it was because we invited a visiting super sexy and brilliant Japanese scientist home for dinner, but I still can’t see the connection and I have no memory of any talk about Japanese mating habits.”

Caroline and Miranda just couldn’t contain themselves.

“You’re telling us that you didn’t notice anything happening? You didn’t see a tell-tale sign like the gentlemen had removed his trousers or perhaps his zipper had accidentally opened?”

“No, we didn’t see any behaviour as random as that. The lovely man had brought bottles of saki as a gift in appreciation of us helping him during his visit to London and Nico and I had found the drink very satisfying and it wasn’t long before we had removed his clothing, in the name of research of course.

“Penis size isn’t regarded as particularly important but we both decided that while we had Akira at home and away from the office, we should take the opportunity to measure his instrument for statistical purposes and add the results to the Japanese files in our databank. The Japanese file was in dire need of more information,  He was very obliging and didn’t object, did he Coco?”

Coco was downing her third G & T.

“That is so true sister. He suggested that we take turns in holding it until he thought it was the right size for measuring and that is what we did. 

“Eventually, Nico commented that she thought it was a lot bigger than she expected and also that she thought it might be too big for the characteristically small Japanese woman to be able to mate with him, at which point he replied that she might be right and it would allay his fears if he could put it somewhere that would give sufficient feedback for him to decide whether he should arrange to have the size surgically reduced, just in case he was lucky enough to find a Japanese wife.”

Miranda and Caroline were in fits, laughing.

“Just hold it there dearest ladies. Let me just get something from the dresser and you can perhaps indicate better, Akira’s size problem.”
Miranda went to the dresser and brought back four dildos and laid them on the carpet. Coco immediately slid from the sofa onto her knees and picked one up.

“It was definitely bigger then this wasn’t it Nico?”

Coco then put the end of the dildo to her mouth and licked it.

“Yes Coco. Much bigger. Well we wanted to help him and we suddenly realised that perhaps we could. We both took off our panties, got down on our knees and turned so that our rears faced Akira and suggested that if he wanted to try us for size then we would welcome the opportunity to help him and that the information learnt would also be useful for our data bank records.”

Nico leant down and picked up a dildo and began the licking motion that her sister was enjoying.

“And did Akira manage to fit his penis in, Nico?” 

“Yes! Fortunately, there was a cruet-stand on the dinning table nearby which included an olive-oil bottle. With his instrument well oiled, he thanked us and took advantage of our offer. He tried us each in turn, going from one to the other and then back again, saying that he wasn’t quite sure which was the better fit. 

“He took quite a long time about it, didn’t he Coco, and sometimes he got very excited about things, making a lot of noise and shouting out, which made us both happy knowing that we were helping out with proper in-the-field research.

“Interestingly, Coco and I found his enthusiasm for what he was doing was contagious and we found ourselves yelling out too, didn’t we sis? Right through the night in fact. His thirst for knowledge was insatiable. Anyway, Akira told us that the new information he was gaining about his penis was invaluable, so much so that he rescheduled his flight back to Japan and came to see us the next night and repeated the experiment. It was quite exhausting but also very rewarding having this opportunity to work with such a renowned scientist.”

“And he thanked Nico and I and said he would be very happy to have us stay with him in Tokyo if we ever found ourselves there. He said we so inspired him he had thought of other projects that he would dearly love us both to help him with. He was a real gentleman wasn’t he, Nico?.”

Nico was now down on the floor with her sister and each was fitting a strap-on around the other’s waist. Miranda returned from the kitchen with more gin and tonic and slices of lemon and everyone downed another G & T. 

Then both Caroline and Miranda removed their dresses and Caroline became panty-less with Miranda’s help as they both attached their strap-ons. and it wasn’t long before all four women were laying on the floor laughing and groping each other’s big rubber cocks.

Four mouths found willing vaginas and nipples and necks and buttocks and thighs and feet and mouths and lips and ears and tongues and toes and fingers.

Then the Glow sisters knelt and leant over the sofa seat beside each other and Coco called out.

“Now Akira. It’s time you continued your research, you dear man. Please see if you can fit into either of these. My sister and I are more than happy to help should you run into difficulties.”

Miranda and Caroline accepted the offer on behalf of the absent father-to-be, Akira. And after they had taken turns each shagging each of the girls, they took over the positions of Nico and Coco and had their rear ends seriously shagged, joining in the happy excited chorus of the orgasmic research being studiously enjoyed by all.

Mount Eros was be published early in 2021. See other titles in the series here: Amazon

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