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The content of some of the published stories you read here might offend some folk, but, might well nourish others. You will find fictional stories along with links to books I publish on the website. You will also find articles I write about the animals, birds and plants of my home region in south-eastern Australia. 

We occasionally include writing by other authors, along with links to their blogs. Most recently we launched THE KITE MAKERSSix years of a child’s war – Britain 1939 to 1945, by Anita Sinclair.

We’ve also republished an old favourite that we first issued way back in 1990. DUCKS FOR STARTERSA practical guide to backyard duck keeping, by Bruce Wicking.

You might at first be confused but you will eventually find an item you will surely enjoy. Good luck!

books and bookselling

Being a bookseller at Australia’s largest bookstore in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s was a wonderful experience. The Paris riots of 1968, the Counter Culture and anti-war movements and the fight against literary censorship were defining moments. These fed the new revolutionary and exciting bohemian lifestyle of both Melbourne and Sydney.  Moreover, better access to printing presses gave rise to a proliferation of published articles on a profusion of subjects.

Through all of this was threaded the private lives of fellow workers, artists, writers and performers who gravitated to bookstores. At that time – pre internet – bookshops were the main sources of new ideas and cultural change. 

Peoples private lives were becoming less private. Inner-city bookshop staff were most often a happy mix of gay and bisexual and straight younger folk. Pushing boundaries in all areas became the mantra of post-war baby boomers. In the winter of 1978, a group of people got together to form the now world famous Mardi Gras.

This era witnessed the new and growing ethos of various eastern philosophies and West Coast mindfulness. California had set the benchmark for a new style of living. London, Paris and New York continued to fire Australia’s thirst for new thinking in writing and art generally.

Finally, I should express my gratitude to those small book publishers who risked much to bring us important books. I should like to mention Grove Press, so important in helping some Australians discover that not all the world was a darkened room.

Grove Press

“Rejecting conventional notions of obscenity and morality, Grove gained a reputation as a controversial publisher committed to fighting censorship as it published some of the most well-known banned books.

In 1959, Grove Press published an unexpurgated version of D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover. The U.S. Post Office Department confiscated copies sent through the mail. Rosset sued the New York city postmaster and his Lawyer Charles Rembar won in New York, and then on federal appeal.

The defining movements of the 1960s in America–the antiwar, civil rights, black power, counterculture, and student movements in the United States–along with revolutions across the globe, were debated, exposed, and discussed in Grove’s publications as was the sexual revolution. Grove’s books challenged prevailing attitudes about sex through dozens of erotic books, many by “anonymous” authors; introduced the layperson to new directions in psychology through Eric Berne’s Games People Play; and gave voice to revolutionaries around the world, including Che Guevara and Malcolm X. They published works by Frantz Fanon and Régis Debray, and numerous books opposing the Vietnam war and the draft.”


Visitors ask me why Erotica figures prominently on this website. The truth is that I met someone at a party given for writers and artists a couple of years back. They informed me that a friend of theirs was doing very well financially, writing erotic fiction and publishing it on Amazon.

This information intrigued me and being a little short of cash, I stopped writing the big historical novel and launched into my first novel of love and lust. Needless to say, I was a little late to the party; hundreds of thousands of ‘erotic’ books had already been uploaded. Many of these provided only a minimum of content but each provided a sexy cover and a provocative title. 

An interesting side effect of this activity was the discovery that I could write more quickly. It wasn’t long before a second volume, Eros Crescent was launched. Another followed. Mount Eros was released in 2021 to complete a trilogy. NB If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime you can read these books on line for free.

It seemed that I was the last writer in this genre through the erotica door. My first book, The Fifi Code sold very slowly. Sales eventually picked up but it was obvious that I was not going to achieve great financial rewards.

So now we are slaves to search engines. By placing excerpts from the books on this website I can help raise the ratings on Amazon. Sad but true!

As you can see from those naughty books I’ve written, I’m not too shy to ask for what I want.


There is plenty to read and discover here, but there will be new articles and
book excerpts for you in 2021 so Please call back. Cheers!

Richard Lee Publishing will release the kite makers early in 2021

There are very few books that express the freshness of insights of the second world
war that appear in this work. A child’s memories clearly expressed.

Ducks for Starters - A practical guide to backyard duck keeping.

When my sister-in-law presented me with a Muscovy drake and
four ducks of various ages, I shut them in the only available enclosure, the chicken pen.
By next morning they had emptied the hens water bucket, trampled on two eggs and the
drake was eyeing off several young pullets. It was time to seek enlightenment.